League of Legends: Week 1 Recap

Wed 7th Oct 2015 - 7:31am

This week brought back to the center stage the always anticipated League of Legends World Championship Series. Featuring some of the top teams in the world, the event started off with an incredible opening week.

Day one had some great matches. Most notable were Fnatic's win over IG and Cloud9 taking down AHQ. Both of these matches set the pace for a great set of matches in the following days. Day two brought CLG to the top of their group after winning their second game of the week by taking down PaiN Gaming. Day two also sparked interest in Origen as they had a great comeback to beat LGD and take home their first win at worlds. North American hopefuls TSM also took their first loss to KT Rolster on day two. Day three had some great matches with KT Rolster beating LGD, SKT beating Edward, and AHQ taking down Fnatic. Cloud9 was also able to pick up a win vs IG while TSM fell to the emerging powerhouse roster of Origen.

Day four had some amazing upsets to end the week, starting off with TSM finally grabbing a win. From there, the day only got crazier. Orgien pulled out a huge upset win over KT Rolster to make their record 3-0 so far, and managed to secure a strong lead in group D. Cloud 9 came out with a fantastic win against Fnatic. With some amazing team work, and a clutch pentakill, they were able to move to 3-0 to join Origen and SKT as the remaining undefeated teams. After week one, every team had managed to win at least 1 game with the exception of LGD Gaming and BK Titans who are both still 0-3.

Here is a current look at the groups and standings

CLG 2-1
KOO Tigers 2-1
Flash Wolves 1-2
PaiN Gaming 1-2

Cloud9 3-0
Fnatic 1-2
IG 1-2
AHQ 1-2

SKT 3-0
EDG 2-1
H2K 1-2
BKT 0-3

Origen 3-0
KT Rolster 2-1
TSM 1-2
LGD 0-3



Kyle Vognsen

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